Inclusive Early Childhood Leadership

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Inclusive Early Childhood Leadership

Do you want to study comprehensive early childhood education and care? Do you enjoy serving children and families in a professional setting? If so, pursuing a Bachelor of Innovation in Inclusive Early Childhood Leadership may be right for you.

Inclusive Early Childhood Leadership professionals may have the opportunity to work in case management, family service, intervention programs, run their own business, or invent, design, and market curriculum, technology, and applications.

What do ​Inclusive Early Childhood Leadership B.I. students study?

This innovative program is designed to prepare UCCS students to serve children of all walks of life and their respective families by working with existing agencies and organizations or by designing and launching their own business or educational products. The Inclusive Early Childhood Leadership program integrates knowledge, skills, and dispositions to successfully work in diverse teams, manage complex projects and cases, practice the ethics of care, and advocate for healthy outcomes for children and their families. 


  1. Observation and Assessment for Inclusive Early Childhood Education IECE 3000

    This course prepares early childhood educators to effectively utilize developmentally and culturally appropriate observation techniques and assessment tools with young children. Contexts and issues in observation, documentation, and assessment are reviewed along with a variety of evidence-based instruments and procedures.

  2. Culturally Responsive Leadership and Practices in Early Childhood IECE 3600

    This course examines the wide range of roles of culturally responsive leaders in IECE, including developing and maintaining the program’s mission and vision, understanding regulatory and accreditation requirements, marketing, and providing all children proper nutrition and safety while in care.

  3. Wellness, Resiliency and Emotional Intelligence COUN 4500

    Focuses on the personal dispositions necessary to provide effective service in a helping profession. Specific areas include: self-awareness, emotional intelligence, communication, emotional management, wellness, and decision making. Students will learn strategies for navigating the dynamics of service organizations.

  4. Creating Classroom Communities IECE 4020

    This course presents effective practices to create positive classroom environments that facilitate respectful problem solving and engender active engagement for all children. Students implement evidence-based strategies that promote classroom communities of respect, success, and positive socialization for children with diverse abilities.

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